Additional resources can be accessed in the partner portal

Clinical Care

  • “Ask an Expert” – timely access to a professional with appropriate expertise
  • Facilitated second opinions and e-consults
  • Virtual access to Multidisciplinary Case Conferences/Tumour Boards for complex cases
  • Concierge referral assistance for complex care
  • Access to, or assistance with the development of, specialized services (i.e. adolescent and young adult oncology, geriatric, survivorship, onco-nephrology, cardio-oncology)
  • Jointly hosted virtual patient consults
  • Shared and efficient care models

Research and Innovation

  • Access to clinical trials directory
  • Dedicated access to Research Coordinator to verify patient eligibility
  • Tele-consult with the patient to present research options
  • Join or design collaborative research studies
  • Early access to emerging innovations and research in cancer care
  • Comprehensive genome profiling
  • Early detection of cancer


Resources for Healthcare Providers
  • Customized courses and workshops (i.e. Critical Conversations, Leadership Development, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Personalized Learning Programs
  • Access to educational rounds
  • Oncology specific sub-speciality training or refreshers
  • Availability of printed materials developed by PM education
Resources for Patients, Families and Caregivers
  • Online classes & resources
  • Caregiver coaching programs
  • “Cancer Answers” – a curated collection of FAQ’s
  • Connections with patient support and advocacy groups